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John Moyer

Monroe County Commissioner

Since Moyer took office in 2012, the county budget has been reduced and the fund balance has grown from almost nothing to well over five million dollars. Health care costs have been constrained, the county is now self-insured for workers compensation, and the long term debt has been reduced nearly twenty-five million dollars.


Commissioner Moyer believes the biggest issues facing Monroe County are a solution to the limited space available in the courthouse, increased economic development, and the repair and replacement of components of county owned buildings that have not been the beneficiary of preventive maintenance programs. 


John resides in Shawnee-on-the-Delaware with his wife, Rachel, and two labs, Sophie and Libby. John is President of the Gregory W Moyer Defibrillator Fund and a Life Member and Secretary of the Shawnee Fire Company. 


Marlo A. Merhige

Monroe County Controller

Marlo started at the County in 1997 as the Deputy Controller.  She got elected as Controller in 2001 during a Special Election.

As this position is not poltical in the day to day functions, her 20+ years of knowledge, leadership skills and experience are invaluable to the County's future operations.

Marlo years of public auditing experience make her highly qualified to handle the complex accounting, auditing, payroll and pension issues that arise with this position.

Taxpayers cannot afford someone with no experience in this crucial County office.

The Controller pays all the bills for the County, weekly.  There are hundreds of bills which are reviewed for accuracy and necessity.

These same bills are posted to the County's internet site, allowing for total transparency.

The Controller oversees 40+ departments in the County and monitors all the revenue collections.  It is the job of the Controller to designate where all of this revenue

gets posted to.  There are hundreds of accounts in the County's financial system, and it is the Controller's responsibility to maintain the integrity of this financial system.

The Controller processes payroll for over 700 employees represented by 6 different unions.  A few years ago, the County went to a time and attendance

system, which has helped to alleviate the unnecessary paper.  Employees punch in on their computers and use a thumbprint scan.

The Controller conducts various audits on a yearly basis.  The required audits include the 9 District Justice audits, 20 Tax Collector audits, the District

Attorney's Drug Forfeiture audit and a yearly financial audit that is due to the State.  In addition to these audits are 3 jail accounts and various hotels/BnB's

for the 3% tax they need to collect and remit to the County.  Other County audits are conducted at the Controller's discretion.

The Controller works with all grant agencies (ie. C&Y, Aging, Career Link, etc) to ensure that the reports they submit to the State quarterly, agree with the County's

financial system (lots of reconciling included here to make things balance).  The end result of this work is preparing the Schedule of Federal Awards for the County auditors.

The Controller serves on the Retirement Board, Salary Board and Prison Board.

As Secretary of the Retirement Board, the Controller processes all pension payments as employees leave the County.  The Retirement Board manages a $125 million

Fund and makes changes to the Fund's investment allocations as deemed necessary.  In 2012 the Controller was instrumental in bringing in a new consultant/manager

and the Fund grew from $50+ million to its current value of $125 million.

Controller Merhige continues to improve and streamline the work of her department.  Going more and more paperless over the years has helped to manage the daily

process.  Invoices, revenue documentation and payroll are just a few items that have been updated to paperless.  All changes for going paperless must follow the Retention Law.

As the Controller works with a $180 million budget, this is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.  This job requires an accountant with experience and knowledge

of the huge undertaking in managing the County's accounting system.  If the County's financial system fails, taxes will go up.  Marlo operates the Controller's Office independent of politics.


Marlo graduated Cum Laude from Misericordia University with a BS in Accounting.  Prior to working at the County, she spent two years with a public accounting firm where she

learned all aspects of auditing. 

Marlo has been acknowledged professionally at the State level having served as President of the Pa State Association of County Controllers from 2021-2022.

She was also one of four Controllers selected by State Auditor Tim DeFoor for his transition team when elected in 2020. 

Marlo and her Team continue to advance the County's accounting system and their excellence has been proven through yearly County audits.  As an active member

of the Controller Association, she continues to work with state and local officials to make Monroe County's financial system one of the best in the State.

Marlo lives in Cresco with her husband Steve.  They have one daughter, Alexis, who is pursuing her Master's Degree at West Chester University for Criminal Justice.

E. David Christine. Jr.

Monroe County District Attorney

E. David Christine, Jr. is serving his sixth, four year term as the elected District Attorney of Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Mr. Christine is now the longest serving District Attorney in the history of Monroe County, since the office of district attorney was first created by the Commonwealth in 1850.


Born in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, David Christine is a seventh generation descendant of Philip Bossard, the first European pioneer to settle in Cherry Valley in 1745. David grew up on the family farm located only a few miles away from the Bossard homestead.


Born into a family with a proud reputation for public and community service, David is the son and namesake of the late Elmer D. Christine, Sr., Esquire and the late Dee Gregory Christine. Elmer D. Christine, Sr. served as District Attorney of Monroe County from 1952 through 1955. One of the longest serving attorneys in the history of Monroe County, Elmer Christine held the position of member of the Monroe County Bar Association for 63 years at the time of his death in 2004. A dedicated volunteer for many community and charitable organizations, Dee Christine volunteered at Pocono Medical Center for more than 50 years.


Mr. Christine’s brother, Greg, previously served one term as a Monroe County Commissioner, and presently serves the current Board of Commissioners as the County Administrator.


David Christine resides in Stroudsburg with his wife, Lori J. Cerato, Esq.

Visit the Monroe County District Attorney's Webpage

George Warden
Monroe County Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts
George Warden has served as Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts since 2000.  He is a past chairman of the Monroe County Republican Committee.
George Warden Photo.jpg
Josephine Ferro
Monroe County Register of Wills/Recorder of Deeds

Josephine Ferro is currently the Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds for Monroe County. Mrs. Ferro joined the office in 2010, first serving as a Clerk and Deputy Register of Wills. In her position, she ensures the accurate processing of public records pertaining to estates and realty transfers, manages queries and requests from the county’s citizens and legal offices. In her time with the County Mrs. Ferro led the revision and implementation of numerous business procedures to improve the efficiency of the Office’s operations and the quality of its service. Her oversight has included updating the electronic platforms and systems upon which the Office processes its documents.


Prior to joining the Register of Wills Office, Mrs. Ferro spent 34 years in the private business sector as a manager and consultant. Her earliest professional experiences included serving as the Chief Operating Officer for a private trucking company. Eventually, Mrs. Ferro applied her business acumen and management skills to the medical sector, where she negotiated contracts for providers and services; oversaw the implementation of billing and accounting platforms; and established specialty business units within a hospital setting. 


Perhaps most impressively, Mrs. Ferro remains continuously active in community, church, civic, and local and national political efforts. She has held elected and leadership positions at various organizations including Presidency for multiple terms with the Monroe Council of Republican Women. Her 30 years of work with the Rotary of the Smithfields includes serving as Secretary for two terms, President for two terms and on the Fundraising, Scholarship & RYLA Committees. Mrs. Ferro assists in instituting and executing major, annual fundraising events and various fundraising activities, as well as implements the policies and procedures for securing scholarship funds. She led the Parish Council of the Church of St. John for more than ten years and has served as a Lector, Eucharistic Minister and member of the Rebuild Committee. Josephine currently worships at St. Matthew’s Church in East Stroudsburg and serves as a Lector.


For 34 years, Mrs. Ferro has lived in East Stroudsburg, PA, where she and her husband raised four children and are now enjoying the company of nine grandchildren. 

Theresa Johnson

Monroe County Treasurer

Prior to her election to County Treasurer in 2017, Theresa served as Assistant Vice President of First Keystone Community Bank & spent nearly 40 years in banking.

Theresa, is a lifelong Monroe County resident.  She graduated from East Stroudsburg High School, resides in Jackson Township with her husband Rusty and daughters Amanda and Tiffany.


Theresa has extensive involvement in community activities and has volunteered her time with the United Way of Monroe County, Salvation Army, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Big Pocono Little League and the McMichaels Hunting Club.


Heading 1

Sheriff Ken Morris

Candidate for County Sheriff

Sheriff Ken Morris, a native of Monroe County and graduate of Pocono Mountain High School, is seeking your support for re-election as your Sheriff. Sheriff Morris has dedicated half of his life to protecting and serving our community and the county, as a whole

• 2002- Enlisted into the United States Marine Corps & served 8 years

• 2010- Obtained Act 120 Certification from Allentown Police Academy

• 2011- Hired by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office & obtained his Act 2 certification through the Pennsylvania Sheriff & Deputy Training Program at Penn State University, became the TASER and OC instructor (pepper spray), gained knowledge and experience in grant funding & worked with the Monroe County Commissioners to obtain necessary equipment for the office

• 2016- Promoted to Corporal/Field Training Officer, became responsible for hiring and training all new deputies as well as providing continuing education for the entire office

• 2018- Promoted to Sergeant & executed the day-today operations of the office handed down by the Chief Deputy

• 2020- Sworn in as Sheriff of Monroe County

Accomplishments as Current Sheriff of Monroe County: Immediately after being sworn in, Sheriff Morris went right to work. A few of his accomplishments are as follows:

• Cut nearly $140,000.00 from the yearly budget to obtain long and overdue raises for all staff & make the office more efficient. This included combining positions & going paperless where practical.

• Upgraded antiquated technology & equipment • Found creative ways to fund innovation such as acquiring a thermal imaging drone by a combination of grant money & donation

• Held firearms auction for federally licensed personnel, netting more than $23,000 earmarked for training & equipment • Provides additional assistance to all local law enforcement agencies • Enhanced all security measure & protocols in high level cases

• Involved with planning & design of the new courthouse, offices, cells, elevators, intake, holding areas, & technology to ensure the completed project will meet the highest standards of safety and protection

• Started weekly inmate work details to clean Monroe County roads • Established duty to intervene & de-escalation training and techniques for the Deputies

• Re-established Deputies on the Monroe County Drug Task Force

• Streamlined the Firearms Division & added the ability for citizens to apply for their License to Carry, online

• Moved all Real Estate auctions to an online platform to improve workflow & the availability of information to the public through our county website & increased revenue given to the county general fund & lowered blight, due to more people having access to the bidding process

• Donated nearly $40,000.00 to local Monroe County charities & organizations

• Assigns Deputy’s to deliver meals for “Meals on Wheels” when they are shorthanded

• Partnered with Toys for Tots to deliver gifts to Monroe County children

• Assists with the Thanksgiving Basket Initiative, annually feeding over 200 Monroe County residents in need, for the holidays

• Always makes himself available to participate in charity events & the community in general

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